Hoping to Adopt

Hi there we are Shane, Kaitlyn, and Lucy. Our family is very excited to add to our family once again through adoption. Lucy can’t wait to become a big sister and we know she is going to make a great one. We’d love it if you would take some time getting to know us a little.

Shane and I have been married since summer of 2012. Lucy girl joined our family April of 2016 through the miracle of adoption. We live in a small community in southern Utah right up against the beautiful Abajo Mountains with the surrounding areas being the majestic red rock country. As a family we spend a lot of time outdoors camping, fishing, hiking, four-wheeling and exploring where we live.

We also love to play games together and are very competitive with each other. We are a very religious family and believe that it is important to keep God at the center of our lives. We have one fantastic dog, Autumn, our Goldendoodle. Autumn is amazing with babies and children and has become one of Lucy’s best friends. She will sleep in Lucy’s room with her. Pizza and tacos are a staple at our house, but who isn’t in love with pizza and tacos? 🙂

Adoption is very special to us. Adoption is how we have chosen to build our family and we feel very blessed to have the opportunity to have adoption be apart of our lives. We believe in open adoption. We live close to Lucy’s birth mother and her family and love the opportunity we have to see them often. Lucy’s birth father lives further away but he is still very much a part of Lucy’s life. Open adoption to us means that we communicate often through social media, texts, calls and visits. We respect the wishes and desires of all expecting parents and their families but we hope to have a relationship with our children’s birth parents. We hope to not only have open communication but also to connect and build a friendship with them as well. Lucy’s birth family has become our family and we hope for that in the future. Below are pictures of Lucy with her birth mom and birth family.


Shane is a wonderful husband and father. He loves to have tea parties with Lucy and take Kaitlyn out on dates. A date to Shane can simply mean going on a walk to the post office to pick up the mail. Shane is brilliant. He is our mechanic, electrician, carpenter, and plumber. He does everything. He spends his free time hiking, hunting, and building things for his family. Shane is the oldest of 5 brothers and has two very supportive parents who love to spoil Lucy. Shane is a teacher. He teaches religion to high school students and he recently finished his Masters in Business Leadership and Administration.

One thing that everyone loves about Shane is how quirky he is. He literally can’t go anywhere quickly, between driving like a grandpa and stopping to talk to everyone. He prefers to shake people’s hands instead of hugging them and on a regular basis Shane will invite random people over to the house for dinner and will tell me as they are walking in. He is a very humble and kind man. He is always looking for ways to serve others.

I am a stay at home mother. I find great joy and fulfillment in raising Lucy and can’t wait to have another little one to love. Honesty is very important to me. When you are around me you will quickly learn that what you see is what you get. I love diversity. I am a people person and enjoy surrounding myself with friends and family. In my free time I love to learn how to cook new things, help others in their own adoption journey, and exercise. I am in no way a creative person but I do love learning how to make my house into a home and had a blast decorating our nursery. I have four siblings. My sisters are my best friends. I talk to them every day. My family is very close and we love to spend time together.
Some call me a clean freak, but I think that I just love to simplify my life and keep things organized. I love quirky people which is probably one the of the reasons why I married Shane. One thing that keeps me pushing through this adoption journey is that I have learned the importance of finding joy in the journey. I strongly believe that happiness is a choice and that I have power to make my life great.

Lucy girl is the life of the party. She is a very active toddler and is smart for her age. She loves to learn and is currently learning how to count, name colors, sing ABC’s, do puzzles, and can spell her own name. Watch out because she will talk anyone’s ears off. Lucy loves all things animals and Moana. Her favorite places to go is anywhere that she will see an animal. Horses are her favorite. She is a daddy’s girl but will only go to mommy when she is sick, hungry, or tired. She is not shy and loves to meet new people. Food is her love language and will do anything for cheese and fruit snacks, but who wouldn’t? She always wakes up hangry. Lucy has 11 cousins and counting and she loves to be around them or talk to them on FaceTime. We feel incredibly blessed to be able to be Lucy’s parents and have the opportunity raise her.


We have thought and prayed long and hard about our decision to adopt. We know that growing our family through adoption is right for our family. We understand that adoption is hard, it is not all sunshine and rainbows. We have always been able to love big and we will continue to educate ourselves so we can be able to help our children through the hard stuff and be theirs biggest advocates. We know that we can provide a stable and loving home for a child. We are excited to be a part of this journey and always want what is best for every expecting parent and their baby that crosses our path. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out.

We can be reached by email at kaitlynmotes@gmail.com or feel free to text/call us 435.459.0452.

You can also follow us on social media. Find us on Facebook @Motes Family Hoping to Adopt or Instagram @ourhopefuladventures.


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